Thursday, January 20, 2011


With some time on my hands last week- no power and cut off- it was a good time to finish off projects not needing the sewing machine. The bracelet was begun at a workshop at the Craft and Quilt Fair last October. To prevent me from buying stuff to add to my stash, I usually try to find a class or workshop which will give me a new skill or allow me to make a one off of something I might like to try once but not necessarily continue with.

I was interested in the technique of knitting with wire. It was a bit tricky to begin with but not as difficult as you might think. Not sure if I would do it again, although my granddaughter is quite keen on jewellry so you never know.


  1. That's gorgeous Carolyn. Well worth the effort. My sister makes beautiful things with wire and beads. Love the colours in this piece. Well done.

  2. I too love to learn new skills. This wire and beads project looks very appealing to me since I am a knitter anyway.
    Nice post on th jam that you made, and the little reminder of acceptance about 'things that we can not change'.