Monday, April 30, 2012

A bit of a let down

It was a very wet day in South-east Queensland on Saturday. Even though it was fine yesterday, just a bit overcast, all the people who were to come to Wolston House as attractions/entertainment for our open day, decided to cancel. The vintage car owners must have thought they would get bogged or rained on, the dancers didn't want to get their costumes muddy and the damp is apparently not good for stringed instruments.
We were offered this lovely trio of musicians (as an alternative to the string orchestra) who entertained us with their recorders and they were very well received by our visitors.
Not as many of those as we would have liked but hey... we can't control the weather can we?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Heritage Festival

A beautiful Model T Ford at Wolston House

The National Trust Heritage Festival this year has been extended to a month of activities. At Wolston House we are having our event this coming Sunday. Let's hope the weather improves as we are having vintage cars, the Kaleidescope Colonial dancers and the Centenary State High School string orchestra, as well as our usual craft stalls, trash & treasure, sausage sizzle and Devonshire teas.
We are there from 11 am to 4 pm and admission is $4 for everyone. If you are interested in events in your area you will find them listed on the National Trust website. The festival is being celebrated in all states of Australia and this year's theme is "Innovation and Invention".

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost there!

The quilt top I finished piecing on retreat has come back from the quilters and is well on the way to its final finish.

Nice scrappy binding cut and pressed.

Stitching down...

..and hemming!
Then .. the label.
This quilt has been a while in the making. Fabric purchase by Selina -  mmm... let me see... let's just say it was a while ago. Cutting and stitching (both of us) a few years back. Final assembly - me - just recently. 
I think we may celebrate its end by entering it in the local show. Deadline... 2 weeks. 
I can do that!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday treasures

Most Australians (particularly those of us are not so youthful any more) will recognize the names of much loved poets, "Banjo" Patterson and Henry Lawson. They were writing and being published in "The Sydney Bulletin" in the years before and after Federation. The Bulletin encouraged writers and many an item was sent, published and never heard of again. Most popular poetry was the bush ballad, telling tall tales and true of life outback in Colonial times. My great-grandfather, Robert Alexander Fairly was one of those bush poets and a considerable amount of his work appeared in the Bulletin. Sadly, he died at the relatively young age of 46, and, since he published under a pseudonym, his work was never celebrated.

As a child, I was told about my great-grandfather and my grandmother had a notebook with his hand written poems, corrections and all, which I loved to pore over. In recent times, one of my sisters who is the family historian, has done lots of amazing research and even published a book about R.A.F's life and work.

Naturally, I believe my great-grandfather's poetry to be the equal of the "Banjo" and Henry Lawson, but perhaps I'm a bit biased. Anyway, it is definitely something to treasure.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's knitting time!

Now that the mornings are getting a little fresh, it must be time to think about knitting projects. While I have plans to begin a cardigan for myself, I need to sharpen my skills.
At the library I found a book full of cute little mug cosies to knit and have made one for my sister.

This pattern is called 'Bits and Bobs' for obvious reasons.

Very quick to make and a good use for leftover bits of wool and the odd button.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The kindness of bloggers...

Back before Christmas I posted about my love for frangipani. In response to one comment, I confessed that I had always wanted a pink frangipani too. Long story short, after several e-mails, I received a cutting in the mail. This is what it looked like when I first planted it.You will see that it has a few shoots at the top.

And this is what it looks like a few weeks later! Leaves!!!

How good is that! Thank you so much Amanda!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter...

From 'The Graphics Fairy'

.. to all. Hope your break is relaxing and rejuvenating. The weather here is looking good; hope it continues to Tuesday.