Monday, September 26, 2016

Home on the range

Not my home, but one I have wanted to see for ages. On Saturday I drove up the range, past Toowoomba, to a little town called Cambooya. Just outside the town, there was an open house/garden at Harrow Homestead. Since the house is rarely open to the public, I was excited to visit.

After a yummy morning tea of scones (sorry no pic, I was too hungry after the drive), my friend and I strolled around the extensive gardens.

We were able to go into the house and could see into all the rooms, even though we were confined to the hallway. The most striking thing about it was the extensive use of timber, for panelling and even the ceilings. Great craftsmanship in the mantelpieces and a pediment over one door. The house appears to have been built around the 1890s or early Federation.

On our way back through Toowoomba, we stopped to see the gardens in Queen's park, all displaying their Carnival of Flowers beauty. Magnificent!

And best of all, the weather was glorious!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Back to normal

Almost! I have finally come back to earth after my time spent volunteering at the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition. What a wonderful experience! So many lovely visitors and fellow volunteers, all with something in common. Many volunteers took the opportunity to dress up for their shifts, however my sister and I waited until the last week before channeling Phryne.

I don't have a photo of me in costume, however, I will share the sewing I did to complete it. Everyone knows that no self-respecting twenties lady would leave home without a hat, so I made a cloche from a pattern I found online.

Actually quite easy to make and finished off with a feather flower.

I had wanted to buy a red lipstick from the gift shop, but I left it too late and they had sold out. I did indulge in a costume catalogue so I can drool over the costumes at my leisure, as well as a lovely bit of bling!

Now that I have dusted off the sewing machine, I hope to get back to some abandoned projects. I just have to adjust my social life a bit. After all, it's a bit hard to sew if you're never at home!