Sunday, July 31, 2016

Catching my breath

Sadly, I have no crafty goodness to blog about, I have been too busy wrapped up in 1920s glamour. Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition has come to Brisbane and I have spent a lot of time travelling back and forth, attending the official launch, volunteering as a guide and swanning around Old Government House at a Miss Fisher themed lawn party. All very exhausting!

In the dress-up closet at the launch (that's me in the red)

My sister and I at the Lawn Party posing in front of a 1928 Chrysler. The sunnies aren't exactly 1920s, but the sunshine made them necessary! By the way, my sister made her gorgeous frock from an authentic pattern. Isn't it stunning!

Getting into the spirit! There were lots of people dressing up and enjoying the day.

Such a lot of fun!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Stash building

My favourite fabric store here in Ipswich has closed its doors, to much sadness from the local community. As a parting gift to their customers, all stock was sold off at greatly reduced prices. I visited several times in the closing weeks and I am very thrilled with all my purchases.

This should inspire me to get on and complete the scrappy Strip Twist I started on retreat. You'll notice I said should!

I am a very haphazard gardener, but some things I manage not to kill. Lavender is one of them and it seems to thrive in spite of me.

Looks good.. smells divine!