Thursday, July 7, 2016

Stash building

My favourite fabric store here in Ipswich has closed its doors, to much sadness from the local community. As a parting gift to their customers, all stock was sold off at greatly reduced prices. I visited several times in the closing weeks and I am very thrilled with all my purchases.

This should inspire me to get on and complete the scrappy Strip Twist I started on retreat. You'll notice I said should!

I am a very haphazard gardener, but some things I manage not to kill. Lavender is one of them and it seems to thrive in spite of me.

Looks good.. smells divine!


  1. It is always a shame when nice shops close down. You found some very pretty fabrics.

  2. its very sad to hear of a quilt shop closing.. but its wonderful you managed to get some lovely fabrics... I love lavender for the same reason!