Saturday, June 30, 2012

Warm and cosy

The weather has been totally foul this week, just the kind that makes you want to snuggle and be warm. Unfortunately, our homes in South-east Queensland are more suited for hot weather, so it is necessary to rug up well when we do have a cold snap.

I have been knitting a bit lately and produced the ruffled scarf in time to get some use from it. The mohair one is for my daughter, but I'm not sure if it will get any use this winter. I'd forgotten that mohair can be a bit tricky if you need to go back to fix a mistake and sadly, this lacy pattern has meant a bit of frogging. Grr... It's just not growing as quickly as I wanted. And, of course, now the weather is improving!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A very pretty lady

Last time I posted about my weekend in Bundaberg. On the Saturday, there was an open day at the school, with lots of displays and stalls. One lady was selling beautiful handmade dolls and bears and giving the proceeds to the school. Her work was gorgeous and I couldn't resist this pretty lady.

I have named her Grace. I had to get cross with her maker though; she wasn't charging enough for all the work and materials put into her dolls.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Back in business... sort of

I've been absent from blogland for a bit I know, no particular reason, just a bit distracted by other things going on around me. I have been reading other's posts... just not commenting much.
Anyway, I'm back... I think.
On the long weekend I travelled back in time... to my old high school, which is in its centenary year. I attended two high schools actually, Bundaberg was where I spent the last three years of secondary education. There were lots of events going on and it was fun catching up with former schoolmates.
This is the school now, it didn't look like this when I was there.

There's not much of the original building left and it's hidden behind new ones. This is the weather vane on the top of the old building.

Here I am, standing near my old home room.

Great weekend, and although the weather was a bit unpredictable, the rain held off for all the important things.