Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spring is on its way..

What a glorious day it is today here in South-east Queensland. I was tempted to wander in my yard, trying to ignore how neglected it looks and pretending it is just as fabulous as the gardens featured in this month's Country Style magazine (swoon).
Photo courtesy Country Style

Sadly, my imagination is not that good, but I was cheered up by the sight of my jasmine flowering its little heart out and smelling just divine.

I was also cheered up by the thought that someone is coming this week to tame the wilderness for me. Maybe then I will be able to focus on making improvements, rather than maintaining the status quo. One lives in hope!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garden bounty

I've been a bit quiet on the blog front in recent weeks because I am enjoying a short stint of full time work. Although I'm not enjoying getting up early to the frosty mornings we have had lately, I do like the work I'm doing.

My garden is very neglected as a result but these beauties have looked after themselves. There is still lots of fruit ripening and I have some pulp in the freezer to turn into more passion-fruit butter when I have time. I have also given some away.
Lucky I love passionfruit!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lovely quilts..

... in Bundaberg. Travelling north for the weekend I stayed in Bundaberg on Friday night. Up town Saturday morning noticed a sign for the Bundaberg Quilt Show. It is held biennially and I have been before but hadn't realised it was on last weekend. Only half an hour to spare before heading to Gladstone for a function, but my sister and I made every minute count.

The stand out for me was the number of beautiful applique/Baltimore style quilts. I do so admire anyone who takes the time to complete one of these.

I was also rather taken with this one. I'm rather partial to the snail trail block and this colour combination is stunning,

Nice little bit of applique there too. A very talented bunch of quilters in Bundaberg!