Monday, August 6, 2012

Lovely quilts..

... in Bundaberg. Travelling north for the weekend I stayed in Bundaberg on Friday night. Up town Saturday morning noticed a sign for the Bundaberg Quilt Show. It is held biennially and I have been before but hadn't realised it was on last weekend. Only half an hour to spare before heading to Gladstone for a function, but my sister and I made every minute count.

The stand out for me was the number of beautiful applique/Baltimore style quilts. I do so admire anyone who takes the time to complete one of these.

I was also rather taken with this one. I'm rather partial to the snail trail block and this colour combination is stunning,

Nice little bit of applique there too. A very talented bunch of quilters in Bundaberg!

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  1. Beautiful William Morris applique quilts Carolyn and the snail trail is gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing...just lovely!