Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

My treasure today isn't exactly mine. I have been (selfishly) keeping it in trust for my daughter, as it belonged to her grandmother (not my mum) who passed away when Selina was only ten years old. I decided that it's really time should hand it over but first I wanted to share it here.

I'm sure you all understand my reluctance to part with it. Perhaps I can hang on to it a bit longer with the excuse that I want to have it restored properly? No?
I want one!!!
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  1. What a lovely treasure...thank you for sharing

  2. That certainly is a treasure and one that I would love to own as well. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks so much for playing along with Tuesday Treasures this week. It is very much appreciated. That little machine is gorgeous.

  4. Hello, this machine is marvelous and it looks so perfect right where it is setting. I also love your pink plate and your rolling pin collection. Those rolling pins are so charming . . . how many pies crust do you think they have rolled out through the years? I love thinking about the history of my mixing bowl collection and the women before me with their soft bread dough rising in the warm window sill. I think we have a lot in common. We seem to be attracted to the same treasures.

    I am a retired grandmother living in the Pacific Northwest corner of the USA. I worked as an activity director in an assisted living home of 93 residents. Now I volunteer there because I love the folks that live there and have made so many friends. I love to draw, paint, fix up old furniture, play guitar, sing, garden, sew, go for long walks, fish, ride my bike . . . I guess I just plain enjoy, enjoying life. Each and every day the Good Lord sends my way. Please come on over and follow me back, I love making new friends and sharing ideas.
    Have an incredible day, Connie :)

  5. Hello Carolyn, I was so excited to see you on my comments this morning and thank you so much for deciding to follow.
    I am going to also add you to my front page blog-list. I love your charming blog. Oh, and your front porch is beautiful, I'll bet you spend many happy hours sitting out there enjoying the view.
    I'm looking very forward to becoming good blogging friends. Have a great weekend, Connie :)

  6. What a gorgeous little maching... I can understand perfectly your reluctance to part with it...