Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost there!

The quilt top I finished piecing on retreat has come back from the quilters and is well on the way to its final finish.

Nice scrappy binding cut and pressed.

Stitching down...

..and hemming!
Then .. the label.
This quilt has been a while in the making. Fabric purchase by Selina -  mmm... let me see... let's just say it was a while ago. Cutting and stitching (both of us) a few years back. Final assembly - me - just recently. 
I think we may celebrate its end by entering it in the local show. Deadline... 2 weeks. 
I can do that!!!


  1. Looking very good Carolyn. Who does your machine quilting for you???

  2. The little glimpses of your quilt look very beautiful!