Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday treasures

I'm a bit late joining in today with Melody and the gang.

Last week I posted about my grandmother, this week my treasure is my grandfather (Pop) who was an amazing man. He coped with the loss of both of his hands during his life, in separate accidents 25 years apart. I don't remember him with any but have seen a photo of him with one, probably taken when I was a baby. This incredible man never lost his sense of fun or his determination to make the best of his life. He drove a car, gardened, built and repaired things while refusing to entertain the thought of artificial limbs. The little table in the picture was made by him and the other photo shows him with one of the contraptions he used to get things done.

I was always sorry that he died before my children were born, but they were always intrigued by my stories about him.

PS Wouldn't you know that Bella had to get into the act when I was taking the picture! Such a poser!!!


  1. Sounds like an amazing man. Such determination. Great photo of him with the saw. Looks like Bella has to be where you are.

  2. He looks like a really lovely man, and his attitude to things life dished out is something that will passed down the family with your tales of him. I enjoyed the photo of him. :)

  3. He looks like a wonderful man and I'm so glad you shared a little of his story with us. Bella must know I love seeing her - cheeky possum.

  4. What a wonderful man. Goes to show "Attitude" is everything. Lovely post.