Saturday, June 11, 2011

A sad tale

Well folks, I've done it again. Broken a promise I made to myself, that is. I solemnly promised that I would buy no more craft books until I had sorted my craft room (not much progress there either sad to say). But this book called out to me insistently- "you know you love to crochet", "look! 150 different blocks" and so on.

Well, sadly, I succumbed to the siren song, but I will have the last laugh. The poor book is doomed... it will sit on the shelf among the other "I must have it!!!" books, slowly gathering dust and wondering, "What did I do wrong?" Sorry little book, it's not you it's me... I think I need help.

And worse is yet to come.. I'm going to the Textile Art Fair on Monday! They're having a Knit In....Give me strength!!!

PS Sorry, Blogger won't let me link to the Fair. Info at

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  1. At least you know you are not alone Carolyn and that there are many other "gimmee, gimmee, gimmee" stitchers and yarnies out there with you (me included) just having to have "that" book or pattern. You might surprise yourself it might just be the one that gets some action.LOL!