Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday treasures

My treasure today is another item from my Grandmother's house. I find it a little ironic that I have so many of her things; she was a great one for playing favourites with her grandchildren and I wasn't one of them. This jug however has more meaning for me than most of her other items in my possession, because of its links to my father. Dad remembered it as always being on the breakfast table, filled with milk. From their own cows of course, since he grew up on a dairy farm. You can see it is a bit stained and crazed, but I love it anyway.
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  1. Oh That is funny Carolyn...I bet she wishes she had treated you as nicely as you treat her treasures. Such a lovely connection to your Dad and that is very special.

  2. I can see why you love this jug, it is very beautiful indeed. I actually love the signs of wear on old things - it adds to their charm.

  3. Beautiful jug... the stains add to its charm...

  4. Oh, my grandmother had a jug like this, along with a few serving bowls. They only came out for special occasions.