Saturday, December 1, 2012

No, it can't be..

.. December already, can it? I know that it must be however, as today was my first Christmas function of the season.

This is Cafe 4342 at Forest Hill, a tiny town in the Lockyer Valley, about half an hour's drive from Ipswich. It is also a gift shop and the local Post Office. The food is delicious and I was lunching with friends from the Ipswich group of the National Trust. Just  lovely!
Across the road from the cafe is Mimmi's, a cute shop full of hand-crafted goodies made by local artisans. I got an early start on Christmas shopping (I know, I know, lots of you are way ahead of me! but I'm in denial) and picked up these journals made by the talented Janie from Handmade at Woolshed Creek (which I actually crossed on my way to Forest Hill. The creek that is).

I guess I should have realised it was getting on for Christmas as the temperatures are rising. 32 degrees today! What will they be by the end of the month!!


  1. 32 degrees!! We had 6 yesterday, and have a frost this morning.
    I wanted to see your friend's website, Handmade at Woolshed, but it is apparently only through Facebook, which I wont use. The photos you showed of her quilter's journal interested me. Is there another way of seeing her site?

  2. Have a wonderful festive season.