Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday treasures

I'm a bit late posting today as I went to the movies earlier to see The Hobbit. I loved it, but I have been a Tolkien fan for a long time, and I know it's not the kind of film that appeals to everyone. Having said that, it must be the most expensive ad campaign for New Zealand ever made!!! If the scenery doesn't inspire one to visit.... well I don't know what would.
Anyway that's a digression, not my treasure for the day. This is a recent treasure, a Christmas gift from my daughter to be exact. She has taken scans of my mother's recipes ( in her handwriting) and had them printed on to tea towels. Isn't that fabulous!
This one is Mum's plum pudding recipe...

... and this one is an everyday cake.

 I know I will treasure these for a long time.
Don't forget to pop over to Melody's to see who else is sharing today.


  1. Isn't that fantastic Carolyn. I Think your daughter is a treasure too.

  2. That is such a fabulous idea, but i would frame mine under glass and hang it in the kitchen.

  3. What a terrific idea and a real treasure , your daughter is a treasure to have made these for you !!!

  4. I loved how they turned out! I used this tutorial on the spoonflower blog, if anyone is interested


    Selina xx

  5. This is a lovely way to display family kitchen treasures.
    I love it! You are so clever:)

  6. Super, super cool! Love that! thanks for sharing.

  7. Bonjour from France.

    I just popped by from Melodys' to wish you Bonne Annee and to admire your treasure.

    What a wonderfully thoughtful daughter you must have, she must be very much part of your Christmas treasure.