Monday, September 2, 2013

In progress

On the way with the Crayon Box, about six blocks under construction...

... and one of my helpers has already completed four blocks.

I'm happy!
On a totally unrelated topic, I attended the annual National Trust Heritage Awards last Friday night. It is held at the beautifully restored Old Government House on the QUT Campus and one of the awards was given for the newly restored Governor's Library.

The award for the best overall project was of course given to the restoration of Brisbane City Hall which is a magnificent achievement and one the people of Brisbane should be very proud of.

I was there recently for a tour and it is a great outing. The Museum of Brisbane is there too and of course, who could pass up a chance to eat at the iconic Shingle Inn!

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  1. Oh, I think that it is wonderful that these old buildings are being restored. It's sad to say, but most of our old buildings are destroyed to build new ones, on their sites.