Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I've got it covered...

In the lead up to the deadline of Christmas, I got my act together sufficiently to make a couple of gifts. I had been wanting to make my daughter a cover for her sewing machine and even bought a charm square pack at a craft show with the intention of making it for her birthday (in May). Ah well... better late etc.

The fabric range is Paris Flea Market and I got the pattern from here.

My grand-daughter is into dresses with Peter Pan collars so I made her this.

I think she liked it, but it's sometimes hard to know with a polite sixteen-year-old.

Now... about those New Year's resolutions....


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  1. Hi Carolyn, Very pretty . . . you are so talented. I like what you said about starting it for her birthday. That's what I was thinking about Steve's quilt. I got it done just before Christmas, but if I hadn't . . .his birthday is in February, so it would have been a birthday present, LOL.
    Have a lovely day . . .I enjoy your posts so much.
    Your blogging Sister, Connie :)