Thursday, March 17, 2016


It seems the creating drought has broken.. all it took was a few days away at my favourite retreat - Stacey's at the Gap. The weather even cooperated by being drizzly and damp, perfect sewing weather!

My main project was a quilt for my son.. the last one I gave him is now thirteen years old. Although, when I told him I was making it he said, "But you already made me one".

I chose most of the fabrics when I visited the Australian Quilt Convention, a year or so ago, and decided simple was best (my son is very down to earth) and went with a disappearing nine patch.
This is the original block..

And here it is, sliced, diced and reassembled..

Borders still to come. I also made a start on a quilt for my son-in-law. Apparently his old one has been almost worn to tatters. This is a scrappy one from Bonnie Hunter - Strip Twist.

On my way back down the range, I stopped to have a closer look at the cairn commemorating the discovery of the Gap by Alan Cunningham in 1827. When you drive towards the range you wonder how on earth he spotted it, let alone found his way to it!

The nicest thing about the retreat (apart from finding my sewjo)... the constant sound of bell-birds, broken occasionally by the crack of whip birds... magic!


  1. I love the variations one can achieve with a disappearing 9 patch. Your son should be delighted with his quilt!

  2. I love your quilt. Sure to be a hit! How lovely to go on retreat....I love the magical sound of bellbirds and the whipbirds. So glad you had a great time xx

  3. how lovely to get away , listen to the birds and get lots of sewing done... I love both your projects

  4. I love disappearing 9 patch quilts, I am just about to grab pencil and paper to draw one up for a friend who lost her Mum last year and she gave me a bag full of her fabrics.