Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A favourite aunt

I'm joining in again with Melody's Tuesday Treasures.
This post is about my favourite aunt who was a real treasure. My dad had five sisters and was the baby of his family of eight, so by the time he started his own family, most of his nieces and nephews were grown up. My Aunt Isabel's (Belle) children had left home fairly early, so she sort of took us kids (I come from a family of 5 girls and 1 boy) under her wing.

The photo is of her as a young woman, which is not how I remember her of course. She was a talented dressmaker and always encouraged my early attempts at sewing. She sometimes tended to take over a bit if she thought I might wreck the material, but insisted that I pay as much attention to the inside finish of the garment as the outside. All of this when I was barely into my teens! Her teaching stood me in good stead over the years of sewing clothes for myself and my children and I suppose gave me the confidence to tackle my daughter's wedding dress when the time came. I was always sorry my children didn't get to know her as she died in her mid-seventies and they were too young. It is especially sad because her sisters all lived well into their nineties (one even made it to 100).

After she died, my sisters and I were able to choose something from her estate to remember her by. This plaster wall plaque was always on her wall in whatever house she lived in.
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  1. She sounds wonderful and looks like she was a lot of fun, she has a cheeky face in her photo. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  2. Sounds like a very special lady. I love her photo. It's wonderful that someone you loved taught you to sew. You must think of her often as you stitch.

  3. What wonderful memories of a special person in your life. Cheers Kaylee

  4. Hello Carolyn,

    Such lovely memories of your Aunt. I can remember seeing those plaster plates at my relatives homes.
    Happy days.

  5. what lovely treasures Carolyn

  6. I never knew that plaque was Aunty Belle's. I also never knew her name was Isabel! Why hasn't anyone used that name....

    p.s. the comment from Bev, above, freaked me out a little! you'll know what I mean (though no one else will!)

  7. What a lovely story. She looks like a real personality in her photo.

  8. Just wondering if you mean to be a "no reply Blogger" I can't reply to your comment on my blog.

  9. A lovely plaque to remember such a special person.... aunts are precious...

  10. What beautiful memories - bring to mind memories of my Nan who was a dressmaker too and I have a photo similar of her.
    Wonderful treasures you have.

  11. What a sweet little face your Aunt has in the photograph. She sounds like an amazing, loving women. I ove the pic of your cottage too. Tracee xx