Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

As summer is well and truly with us here in Queensland, my treasure today is something that represents that season for me more than anything else. What else but the Mango!
Image from here

Growing up on a small farm on the Sunshine Coast gave me a childhood of wonderful experiences. On our farm we had five mango trees, and my brother and I spent most of our summer holidays climbing the trees or gorging on the fruit. Surprisingly, I still love them and look forward to the first fruit of the season to tell me summer is on its way! 
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  1. How wonderful to be able to pick mangoes in your garden. They are the most wonderful taste.

  2. That is a great treasure, I wonder if Mango's would grow in Tennessee. We have apple and pear trees.

  3. I love mangoes, so I think you've chosen a treasure to both of us.

  4. My mum said that I always appreciated mangoes with my elbows... eating them as a child was always undertaken outside and followed by a good hosing (ahh, the days before air-con.....)

  5. Oh I am so with you Caroline. My cousin has a Mango farm and my daughter has her own tree and it's a Bowen so we are huge mango lovers here. Your picture looked so yummy and I could almost smell that wonderful mango smell. Great Treasure!