Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent blog-a-long - Day 4

Whoops... missed a day!
For many years I saved Christmas cards from one Christmas to the next ( I know... I'm such a hoarder) until it finally dawned on me that I could recycle them. No, not through Planet Ark, but by re-using them as gift tags. A hole punch and a pair of fancy scissors and... Voila!

Does this mean I'm thrifty? or just a cheapskate???


  1. yeh, cheapskate! hehehe!

    isn't that funny, you hit publish 1 minute after I did! weird!

  2. oooh, just noticed the blog makeover too, looking good!

  3. I think that's a great idea - often the pictures are so pretty it is a shame to not re-use them!

  4. resourceful!! I like keeping the picture on the front of the card, making sure to make who it's from, then paste it to a blank white card, jazz it up with ribbons, glitter, brads and other bits and pieces, and send it back to them the following year!