Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vintage Singer

Recently I posted about the restored Singer treadle machine at Wolston House and I got curious about the one I have in my sewing room. When I bought it originally, I intended to have it fixed to use, but over the years it became more of a decorator item and has ended up being used as a table for my modern Pfaff.

So I dusted it off and investigated the serial number. Apparently it was made in 1941 which surprised me , as I thought manufacture of sewing machines may have halted during the war. This particular site doesn't give corresponding Model numbers but I think it could be a 201. Does anyone know? As you can see it needs some TLC, so I may have send it off to the hospital!
PS Just did some more Internet searching and found this website which says that the model is a 201K. This site matches serial numbers with model numbers and date of manufacture.


  1. I have feeling that the one I have is a 99k (??) and is from 1946, so would yours be a lesser number than that?? I don't know how these things work! And I actually completely forgot you had this, for some reason I thought you only had the table? I think I am going senile!

  2. Have you seen this site?

    It has all the details to refurbish the machine yourself!