Friday, March 1, 2013

After the rain...

... comes the sun? Afraid not.. just more rain and clouds it seems.
During the recent heavier rain my roses have been busy (and the weeds too of course).

I would like to say I have been as busy as my roses, but alas, not the case. I know that the rainy weather should be an incentive to do crafty things... lots of others are inspired.. but for me rainy days = reading.

I have stirred myself slightly in the craft department however. My March retreat is looming and I need to get organised. Last year I began a small quilt by Anni Downs from an old Homespun magazine, but when I had got to the point of adding the first row of houses to the centre I discovered (shock, horror) that I had cut a nine inch square instead of a nine and a half inch square. And I had already appliqued the hearts! Of course it went to live in the 'I'll get around to that later' basket (sigh).
So I decided that I should at least rectify that mistake so I can continue at retreat.

 As for a decision on other projects to take? Still procrastinating!


  1. Lovely roses. I find this sort of weather depressing... Curling up I a book sounds good to me.

  2. Hello, I'm visiting from Michelle's blog after I saw your comment about being a retired teacher-librarian. I'm a retired classroom teacher. Then i read your profile and saw that you love old linens and beautiful I do!
    I too, have a 'I'll get round to that later basket'