Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday treasures

Today I'm sharing some more of my vintage linen collection.

This is a selection from my 'white stuff'. I have lots of pieces with beautiful crochet lace edges..

.. and others with white on white embroidery.

Even though I have no idea who made these pieces, I treasure the time and skill it has taken to create them.

Don't forget to pop over to Melody's to see who else is sharing today.


  1. So lovely. I have drawerfuls of linen, some sewn by my grandmother, huge tablecloths with inset lace panels... What does one do with them!

  2. Such beautiful lace and white on white embroidery, so much work goes into these pieces, they should be treasured always, they are a link to the past gentle arts.

  3. I love vintage linen and these pieces are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing them as part of TT

  4. I love vintage linen...yours is gorgeous Carolyn. I love the filet work.

  5. Lovely pieces. Beautiful embroidery and crochet. Must have taken many hours to complete these. No TV in those days:)
    Lovely blog. I'm in Melbourne, but lived in Brisbane a couple of years early 70's.