Monday, February 4, 2013

What is it with cats..

..and fabric? I know it's not just my Bella as lots of blogs feature pets cavorting on quilts or reclining near sewing machines "helping" their owners.
It seems they have an inbuilt radar too. I am trying to find my sew-jo but every time I go into my craft room Bella appears... leaping on to the cutting table... scattering fabric or flopping down precisely where I may be ready to cut. She doesn't appear immediately I might add.. she waits until I have spread out fabric for consideration or preparation to cut. Generally she has been invisible ages before I venture into the room but inevitably.. just when I'm ready to begin something... there she is... and very difficult to remove too!
In my present state of indecision of course I procrastinate and leave the room. Good one Bella!

What is it with cats???


  1. Poor Bella. Our old dog used to do the same. I am sure your sew-jo will return soon enough.

  2. My cat used to do just the same thing!