Friday, July 19, 2013

A day out

On Wednesday I went with my sister to the "Quilts" exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery. Most of the exhibit came from the Victoria & Albert museum and the pieces date from around 1700 to 1940. They are amazing. All the early ones were completely handmade of course, and represent thousands of hours of work. The tiny piecing and the even tinier hand quilted stitches are totally mind boggling.
Photos are not allowed so I had to make do with a couple of postcards.. this is a close up of one.

This is a crib sized quilt and some of those pieces are very tiny. I find it incredible that the colours are still so vibrant. Of course I had to buy some souvenirs and this is my haul. I was very restrained.

We had a lovely lunch in the QAG cafe which included a glass of bubbly and that's my excuse for not taking a picture, which is a bit sad since it was beautifully presented on the plate.
We also visited a display of work by the late Ruth Stonely, a pioneer of quilting in Brisbane from the late 1980s until 2007. Very inspiring. 
A lovely day out and a very worthwhile exhibit.


  1. Oh I can't wait to go. I am off next week with some friends to see it. Thanks for the tempter...

  2. How interesting that the V and A sent quilts, they must have been fascinating to see.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it... I am going on a bus trip to see it next month... so looking forward to it...