Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beautiful buildings

On my recent visit to Perth (in Western Australia for non-Aussie readers) I naturally visited heritage properties owned by the National Trust.
Peninsula Farm (aka Tranby House) is in a perfect location on the banks of the Swan River and I was lucky to have gorgeous weather for my visit.

The farm was established in 1839, just ten years after the Swan River Colony began.

The bit on the right is a slightly later addition but everything that goes with the veranda is part of the original building. It is also interesting inside, this is the dining-room. I love that it is so simple.

The other property I visited is of a much later date, being built in the 1880s by someone who was happy to show off his wealth and influence. This is Woodbridge, built by Charles Harper; politician, farmer and part owner of the West Australian newspaper. I guess he needed a big place for his wife and ten children!

Nothing simple about this dining room!

These properties are easy to get to from Perth itself. Other National Trust places are a bit further away.. WA is pretty big!

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