Wednesday, October 21, 2015


...finally! This is the quilt I have been working on to raffle this year for Wolston House.

In actual fact, it would be nowhere near finished if not for my sister, who pushed really hard and worked with me to get it done. It was a fun project because we did it together.

The block we used is a four-patch square in a square, and we sort of made up the rest as we went along! It was made from fabrics we already had, which is always satisfying. Here's hoping it raises a nice sum.


  1. It's beautiful! It will surely raise a lot of money in the raffle....wish I was near enough to buy tickets!

  2. Beautiful quilt. Well done! Hope it makes lots of lovely money for you xx

  3. beautiful quilt... and a bonus if you managed to use what you had... all the best for the raffle...


  4. Beautiful quilt, I hope it did well at the raffle.