Sunday, December 6, 2015

Oh dear.. can't be December already! Who stole November? I want them to return it as soon as possible because there aren't enough days left before Christmas to do the stuff I planned.

Ok.. I would need more time than November, maybe October too! These are the perils of procrastination, my chief talent these days. I need to take this advice..

One event I do remember from November was the craft fair held at Wolston House, and I'm pleased to say that the quilt featured in my last post was won by our newest (and youngest) volunteer who purchased her ticket before even viewing the quilt. She was very thrilled!

The weather held (it was very overcast on the day) and a lovely time was had by all. I spent some time demonstrating on our treadle sewing machine, but most of the time I swanned around in my 1912 outfit, twirling my parasol to great effect.

Don't you love the 1880s tricycle for two. We were lucky to have a whole lot of bicycles, tricycles and Penny Farthings on display, and their owners love to dress up too!

Here's hoping I manage one or two Christmas projects in the countdown, but let me tell you a little secret... I'm not holding my breath!


  1. What fun! The parasol is so lovely and you must have enjoyed being a lady from another era!

  2. I am still wondering where last Christmas went. You look fantastic in your swish the parasol. Sounds like a very enjoyable day. Hope you wake up to find the elves have been hard at work for you xx

  3. I love the dress up outfits... looks a lot of fun. I have never tried a treadle machine but have always fancied owning one and being able to sit outside and sew. If you find November or even October I would like them too...