Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday treasures

I have mentioned my sisters in a previous post, and today's treasures were made for me by the crafty one. These are by no means the only items I have, over the years there have been lots of small gifts; a coat hanger with silk ribbon embroidery, a patchwork table runner to name only two. She also attempts to keep me inspired by giving me lovely pattern books and encouraging me to continue with my craft, even when I am being terribly negative about my lack of organisation etc. The label on this quilt reads "From one 'spring chicken' to another".
This candlewicked cushion was completed while B was recuperating from surgery. I entered it in the local show (under my sister's name of course!) and it won first prize in its category.Beautiful work from a treasured sister.
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  1. Fabulous work. I particularly love the spring chickens - just wonderful. Thanks so much for playing along today.

  2. Hello Carolym,

    Oh you are lucky to have a creative family, they certainly are beautiful treasures. Great idea to put the cushion in the show.
    Happy days.

  3. The candlewicked cushion is just glorious, I love doing embroidery and several years ago I taught myself candlewicking stitches and made 4 cushions and I also won first prize at our local show however it wasn't anywhere as intricate as this one, is it a house? It's a little difficult to see the whole pattern. Kaylee

  4. Just lovely Carolyn,
    Ihave made the chook quilt so I know how many hours of work went into it..The cushion is exquisite..

  5. Beautiful work and a lovely sister...that is a treasure.