Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Winter dreams

With the colder weather we've been having recently in South-East Queensland, the idea of getting cozy with some knitting has lots of appeal. With only vague thoughts about what I might want to knit (keeping in mind my vow to use my stash whenever possible), I began browsing to find free patterns on the Internet. Lots of sites, such as Ravelry, offer an amazing number of patterns, but the yarn companies like Cleckheaton and Patons, also offer a stack of free stuff.

On the Jo Sharp website I found a pattern that I think would be great for making up the grey mohair in the picture.
A couple of weeks ago I visited this gorgeous store ,Threads and More in Sherwood ( a Brisbane suburb), which was also a bit of an inspiration. Here's hoping I am inspired enough to begin something before the weather warms up!


  1. This is very inspiring. I haven't done much knitting since the 80's. Must find those needles again.

  2. I'm not a knitter, but love wearing hand knitted cardigans.
    It was lovely to have you visit my blog. Thank you. Having a son who lives in NSW I'm always interested in Australia.