Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just in time

Extended deadlines are not good for procrastinators like me. A while back I shared the beginnings of a quilt being made for my youngest sister's 50th birthday. At the time we thought the party was going to be on June 25th and things were speeding along well (particularly with the sister who was joining blocks and quilting).
My final task was the binding and label, which is not a lot, but the party was postponed until this coming weekend so, of course, my stitching kept pace and it was finally completed last weekend.Not quite as bad as the one where I finished the binding in the motel the night before the party!

We are pretty happy with how it turned out, particularly as no fabric was bought especially for it. Our stashes are only slightly diminished I might add.


  1. Looks great Mum! I did have visions of you binding it in the car on the way up there so good job! Who had the horse fabric??

  2. Oh it's lovely Carolyn....I adore a log cabin quilt and a scrappy one is even better. Well done! It's always scary when you realise you haven't used that much of your stash afterall. LOL! What a lucky sister I am sure she will love it and treasure it.