Saturday, October 1, 2011


Thought it might be fun to join in with this although I don't know if I have the stamina to post everyday. My life isn't that exciting! Who knows... it could have a positive effect and overcome my crafting lethargy.
Today I went off to a craft market in Forest Hill, a little town in the Lockyer Valley about a half hour's drive from Ipswich. The market was a first for the town and was organized by the ladies who run The Handmade Expo here in Ipswich. Sadly, I forgot my camera and since I didn't buy anything either,I have no gorgeous photos to show. (Actually I did buy some home-baked goodies but the evidence has been consumed).
The craft was lovely but most stallholders were aiming for the young mum category. Since that's a long way in the past for me and my only grandchild is a teenager, I wasn't tempted to spend.
I took the opportunity however, to call in at Mimmi's in Forest Hill, a cute shop with handmade stuff, vintage collectables and  revamped furniture. Lots of goodies but nothing that begged to come home with me, although I think I will have to revisit regularly.
Since it doesn't seem like a post without a pic, here is a gratuitous shot of a hippeastrum blooming in my sadly neglected garden.


  1. Glad to hear you had fun. I'm doing the Blogtoberfest too. I'll be back each day to see how you are going.

  2. Wish there was something screaming to come home with you. Your picture is beautiful.