Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18 - Blogtoberfest - Tuesday Treasures

My treasure today is my pine kitchen pantry. This cupboard used to be in the shed at my grandmother's house, painted a dingy green and filled with all sorts of junk. My Granny had the hoarding gene which she passed to my Dad and he to me. 
Dad also had the reuse, recycle gene, and kept all sorts of things because "they might come in handy one day". He also was a wizard at building and making, I have many other treasures around to remind me of him every day. He didn't really like restoring timber things, he preferred to make new pieces as he loved working with wood, however, his country upbringing meant he couldn't bear to chuck out something that could be fixed.
This cupboard was restored by my Dad and eventually made its way to me. It has travelled with me for a while now, fulfilling a few different roles, until it finally came to rest in my kitchen where it fits perfectly.
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  1. the cupboard is great... so glad your dad restored it... it looks a perfect size...

  2. Hello Carolyn,

    Just love it. Nothing like a family piece of furniture to pride of place in the kitchen.
    Happy days.

  3. Your cupboard is absolutely gorgeous. I think our tastes are so similar.

  4. It is beautiful Carolyn and right up my alley. I'm glad your Dad restored it for you and lives with you every day.

  5. I love natural wood - not sure why people paint it..... Your cabinet looks lovely, and works a treat as a pantry (esp with all of those lovely jars!)

  6. Your cabinet is lovely and looks perfect filled with jars and kitchen things.