Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday treasures

My treasure today is another item which came from my grandmother's house. It is a knitted cotton bed spread, but I am not quite sure if it was made by my grandmother or one of my aunts. It is sadly in need of some repair and a good soaking.

I have the pattern for it too, taken from a magazine, but there is no identification on the page to tell me which magazine or when it was published. The page was part of a bundle of pattern books and leaflets which belonged to my mother-in-law, but I think some of them came from her mother!

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  1. Oh it is beautiful Carolyn and such a family treasure. How neat to have the pattern as well. Can it be repaired.

  2. It is beautiful , can you imagine the work involved in knitting a spread like this , gorgeous!

  3. Oh wow.. that is just awesome.... I just can't imagine how many hours of knitting that took... and to have the pattern too... how fun is that.... (you could always make your own version!)

  4. Treasure that blanket! Its beautiful.

  5. What an absolute treasure, well worth restoring. It is so beautiful.

  6. Oh I love the bedspread. My Nan knitted one the same for my daughter when she was born but not as big. She said she had knitted them before but couldn't find the pattern. I wonder if it was the same one you have. I did manage to find a book some years ago of reproduction knitted blsnkets, rugs, curtains and edgings that actually had the pattern in.
    Love it!